I Wonder Why Camels Have Humps And Other Questions About Animals

Anita Ganeri

Pages 4-5
Pages 4-5 Can you find?
Pages 6-7
Pages 6-7 Can you find?
Pages 8-9
Pages 8-9 Can you find?
Pages 10-11
Pages 10-11 Can you find?
Pages 12-13
Pages 12-13 Can you find?
Pages 14-15
Pages 14-15 Can you find?
Pages 16-17
Pages 16-17 Can you find?
Pages 18-19
Pages 18-19 Can you find?
Pages 20-21
Pages 20-21 Can you find?
Pages 22-23
Pages 22-23 Can you find?
Pages 24-25
Pages 26-27
Pages 26-27 Can you find?
Pages 28-29
Pages 28-29 Can you find?
Pages 30-31
Pages 30-31 Can you find?


I Wonder Why Camels Have Humps is the perfect introduction to animals, featuring huge whales, striped zebras, birds that can fly backwards and much more. 

The I Wonder Why series will amaze and fascinate young readers. Fun, vibrant illustrations and clear, lively text answers tricky questions about how the world works. Collect them all!

You can download this audio file to your computer or laptop. Simply right-click on the play bar and select Save Audio As.

Please remember to press 'pause' after every question.

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